:: You don't have to spend a lot of money!
:: Which wires to use best?
:: What do I want to achieve?

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get the Top of the Line of the "High - End Sound"!
" I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."


As I already mentioned: if you use the very best components with the least loss of information the result is a breathtaking sound with an incredible depth - you could think the music no longer emerges from your loudspeakers but the very musicians are standing right in front of you!

Not even with the most shockingly expansive wires and fittings you can reach as far as you can with some tuning up efforts you can well afford.

To illustrate this I'll give you an example of car-tuning which is easy to comprehend:
If you polish the intake manifolds (that are the pipes through which the motor gets the air for the combustion process) less turbulences develop and the air streams faster and unhindered.

The result is an efficiency increase of about 5 HP!

In about the same manner the dynamics and fine resolution profit from components with a lesser information loss in an electronic signal path. These parts are usually not only low-noise, they are as well capable of transmitting frequencies without any problems or loss which are about 100 times faster than a music signal.

It's worth mentioning that these extraordinary OP's were originally built for military, medical or space technological purposes which need highest precision and where money shouldn't be an object.

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Which wires to use best for the perfect sound?

According to my long-termed experience I would recommend the following: As the best value for money with Cinch cables I recommend OehlbachNF 214 which costs about $ 55 per stereo meter, fully mass-produced. The second best is Sun Audio Reference but for its price: $ 550!

If money isn't an object - the pick of the bunch for me is Cardas "Golden Cross" ($ 1100 / m) - the best cable ever! Cardas also is first choice for phono freaks (record players, pickup, system wiring)!

Power cables or a Socket strip, has a strong impact on sound, I recommend this shielded one 3x2,5mm² (~AWG 13) which surpassed a $ 450,- cable in a sound test.

Simply our best... 3x6mm² (~AWG 9,5) Powercord Ultimate
We are so glad, that Industry professionals use our plugs:

Acoustic Zen
Analysis Plus
Audio Magic
Elrod Power Systems
Harmonic Technology
Heavens Gate Audio
JPS Labs
Kimber Kable

You see the Shunyata Anaconda vX with HiFi-Tuning Gold II Schuko plug Spread Spectrum Technologies Inc.

Silver Audio

Synergistic Research

Tara LabsTidal

Xindak Audio

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What do I want to achieve?

I'd like to achieve that as a lover of music you can peacefully lean back just enjoying your music - without getting crazed by the manufacturers who claim on a regular base that

"this new device is the ultimate top of all devices ever."

After you tuned up according to my advice you can grow old with your equipment, you won't find a better one for a long time.

"Science only has a lasting existence for someone who knows that he doesn't know." (Talmud)

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