I welcome you to the worldwide probably only page of this kind?

This is an information page for all who love music and want to hear at their own Hifi - Equipment what has actually been recorded - without loss and paying too much money!

In principle there is no perfect equipment of a kind even if it is really expensive to buy!

Sad to say, the manufacturers are no different from anybody else.

It could be that the developer creates very good circuits, but changes are made by the end - controllers to save on cost from parts as: Resistors, Capacitors, or Operational - Amplifier - IC's.

For example: est. 90% used IC's in the Hifi - Equipment cost around $ 0,80 a piece, but the Highest - Quality IC's cost est. $ 60.00 a piece or more!

It is interesting to know that the complete build OP - Amp's has an intensification where the sensitive music signal has to squeeze through and that music - information is also taken away from the capacitors even if it is a type that doesn't lose much!

There are 50 pieces or more in a chain link per one channel, if each piece is holding back a part of the signal the result is a lesser range of sound and less musical resonance performance.



Less quality is the end of it!
It is incomprehensible that manufacturers who design high valued equipment above the $ 7000,- level spend a lot of money for the outer design and materials but being very economical with the important parts!